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Geometry of the spore -

Using the keyboard ASWD to move, use the mouse to fire direction control;Protect the defensive line, rescue space fortress.

Halloween Arkanoid Deluxe - Halloween arkanoid deluxe is based on the popular arkanoid game. You need to control the bouncing ball using a paddle. The paddle can be moved by mouse. There will be an infinite wave of monsters coming towards you. Break them! Some power-ups will help you: 1. Steel ball: the ball becomes more powerful and can penetrate monsters. 2. Extra ball: this adds an additional ball that behaves like a normal one. You can control both using the same paddle. 3. Big paddle: this makes your paddle bigger, and thus, it is easier to control the ball(s). 4. Life: a heart-shaped bonus gives you an extra life. 5. Laser beam: allows you to remove the lowest row of monster. To activate it, just click anywhere while the ball is moving. You can save your game progress in this unlimited game play. There are 4 files in which you can save 4 different game-plays.
Terrestrial Conflict - In the future, humans are no longer fighting each other. We find a way to unite all of mankind. We declare an ambitious mission that everyone will certainly join. Conquering the universe. The game take place on Tsa Colony - Lambda Vandor in an operation called Carte Blanche.
Asteroid Defense - Typing defense games are fun way to learn to type faster and with less mistakes. Type the letters you see on asteroid to shoot and destroy them.
Control Center TD - Place turrets to stop the enemy waves.
TANKS - TANKS is a turn by turn turret shooting game. The aim is to destroy your opponents tank as soon as possible or before your opponent destroys you. There are over 12 different types of artillery to choose from, from scatter bombs to air strikes and realistic features like tank fuel, engine sizes etc. You can play against up to 4 human or up to 4 computer controlled opponents or even a mixture of both. The fighting takes place in Hot Desert Dunes, Dense Jungles and Snow Packed Mountains.
Bunny Fury -

A herd of rabbits builds its nest near to a radioactive waste storage and gains an abnormal intelligence.
The head of the family decides to call himself Faust and let his herd grow to excess.
Faust prepares his army to conquer the world and exterminate the human race.
Will you be able to save the world from the rabbits invasion?

Bunny Fury is a real time tower defence game, where you must stop the rabbits that are attacking your garden, using different kind of defences.
The game is a sort of fusion between Plants vs zombies and Space Invaders.
Through 5 levels you will meet 8 different rabbits and you will earn gold from every killing.
The rabbits differ for velocity and kind of armament.
You have to be fast and smart to find out the right strategy to kill the rabbits.
The average time to finish the entire game without cheats is more than one hour.
The game is provided with an automatic Save and Load function on splash screen, and a reset game button.
A tutorial will introduce you the commands in the first level of the game.
To control your cannon, simply press Left and Right from your keyboard.
To control or place your defences use your mouse.

The game is currently a beta version, constantly under updates to reach the 100% stable version,
and there\'s a plan to make it facebook playable and mobile, so the user can upgrade the defences buying gold from the market.


Languages available: English and italian


have a nice play

Army Vs Alien 3 - You play as army troops through city landscapes, battle against crazy alien invasion!rnrnUse mouse to control. A/D or move mouse to right/left corner to scroll. Z, X, C or click mini map to fast forward to left/center/right edge. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to select/unleash unit. Q, W, E, R, T, Y, U to change unit type.
Colored Mine 4 - Place mines and protect your castle from incoming enemies! Use mouse to control all, see in-game instructions.
Empire Defender 7 - Defend your base from massive invasion of monsters, skulls, aliens, and dark creatures, you have so many weapons such as stone, boomerang, arrows, fireballs, traps, and spells, defend your base at all cost!rnrnUse Mouse to play this game. See in-game instructions.

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