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Found 177 Flash Fighting Games Online-
Glow Aero Fighter - Best aero fighting games ever with glow graphics.
The Summoner Saga - this game was made by a friend but i have submitted it. We are jimbobfreddy games and please like our facebook page for news of jobs. please can you tell your friends about our game.
Space Ace new - Face off against endless waves of deadly enemies. Avoid being sawed in half by killer bots and laser shooting drones, pick up upgrades for your melee and laser attacks, and watch out for the meteors! Have fun
Final Night - Your town is in attack by zombies but no one is willing to fight back! It's up to you to blast the zombies and protect your loved ones! Collect new guns, ammunition, and health packs on your mission to rid of the undead!
Paranormal Hunter - You are the world's top paranormal investigator. But can you survive the world's most haunted house? Using the most advanced ghost hunting equipment, your task is to eliminate all ghosts from the legendary Bailey House! Build your own games like this on! Make Your Own Games.
potholes and bullets - Dodge the potholes, and blast the other cars.
Gacopyrze vs. Wilkolki - Anderłor to walka prawdziwych rycerzy mroku. Zawodnik wcielając się w postać Wampilorda ma za zadanie uratować spokój swego wspaniale posępnego lochu przed natarciem pokracznych, ale niebezpiecznych Wilkołków. Powodzenie defensywy gwarantuje sprawne wykorzystanie wiernych żołnierzy – Gacopyrzy, które na każdym poziomie krwawej bitwy dysponują większą dawką mocy. Jednak, aby ich wysiłek nie poszedł na marne, a Wampilord mógł bez nerwów rachować pajęczyny na ścianach, koniecznym jest zastosowanie odpowiedniej strategii w połączeniu z telepatią!
Lollipop Kingdom full version - Use WASD keys to move character,press "A" or "D" twice can run,attack by "J" ,jump by "K", whirlwind by "L",Recovery by "O",need to pick up or buy recovery item first.Number keys 1-5 to change weapon.
Ninja Chibi - the ninja must avoid all obstacles and traps. there are several styles of ninjutsu to help you achieve your goals and get all the achievements. There are 4 kinds of ninjutsu styles, 13 kinds of achievements and more then 7 kinds of upgradeable items with 3 levels of upgrades for each item.
Bombaguy - Help bombaguy to evade the bomb and destroy the evil bomber.

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