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Found 75 Flash Multiplayer Games Online-
VIP Spades - Play VIP Spades, the HTML5 social card game!
Shakes & Fidget - Try to reach the top in the Hall of Fame in this award-winning fantasy MMORPG in comic style!
Fashion Runway Quest - Are you ready to challenge your friend in being a top fashion stylist in the world? Yes! Then here is your task. Choose your favorite model and concentrate. You have 10 seconds to observe the picture you have on the screen, make sure you memorize every single detail of the models outfit! Then dress up your model recreating the exact outfit on the previous screen. Three rounds are waiting for you! Let\'s see who is going to be the winner! rn
Multiplayer Table soccer - Multiplayer table soccer game. Use the arrow UP and DOWN to move your players in 1 player mode and letters Q and A in Two players mode. First to 5 goals is a winner.
Cardinal Quest 2 - A turn-based hack ‘n’ slash adventure. Choose from six classes and fight through randomly generated levels full of bountiful treasures to defeat the forces of darkness!Cardinal Quest 2 is free-to-play. You can unlock new classes and perks experiences with Kreds or earn them by playing. Either way, three Acts of unique locations, monsters and bosses are yours to conquer!
Blitzkrieg - Multiplayer War 2 - ‘Blitzkrieg - Multiplayer War’ is a turn based, multiplayer, simulation-strategy game.


Watch the tutorial for visual help on how to play.

Game Objectives

Blitzkrieg Multiplayer War is a turn-based game

Your objective is to take all cities (C) with your army.

You draw your BATTLE LINE with the pencil tool.

Press Ready (>) and your entire army will move to your BATTLE LINE.


Important - keep your line connected to your cities (C). The more cities the better up to 4.

Your BATTLE LINE must be connected to your cities for your armies to have any effect.

Tiny black dots indicate your army is connected to your cities and is effective.

You also need to own resources (R)


Pencil: Draws your battle destination line

Eraser: Erases parts of your line.

Clear(X): clears all your lines.

Ready (>): Starts your army moving (red line = controls locked).


Cut off your enemy's armies from their cities to make them ineffective.

Ensure your line is not too long and your army too thin - watch the destination gap size.
Twin Soldiers - Twin Soldiers is a strategy based game sponsored by you are supposed to make the twin soldiers who are running to live as long as possible to get the score. Both the soldiers move together and the trick is to utilise the twin behaviour to make them sustain for long. The soldier lives even though one of the gets killed. Be strategic and fast enough to respond to enemy attacks
Mugalon Fun Quiz -

A funny Quiz Game. Guess the word by the smileys, emoticons or icons shown.

2048 Multiplayer Battle - NOTE FOR PUBLISHERS
If you want to integrate with your own login API, please feel free to contact me.
Players coming to this game will be automatically treated as guests. The players who choose to login will remain on your website, but a new window will open to handle the authentication.

2048 Battle is a multiplayer pvp real time game. The players need to compete one against another to reach the target. The target is set before the game starts and there are 5 options: 128, 256, 512, 1024 and 2048. The first player who reaches the target wins. Each player can see their opponent progress in real time.

Each time a player wins, he receives points. The user progress is show on the main menu page.

There are 2 helpers into this game. the UNDO button which allow the player to undo their last move, and the SHUFFLE button. These can be used only one time per game.
Mugalon Soccer World Cup - Mugalon Soccer is a penalty shoot-out game. Upgrade your team or chat with other players Players take part in an innovative multiplayer league mode where you can challenge opponents even when they are offline.

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