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Messy Factory - What a Mess Can you bring some order to this factory
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Drop n Run - Welcome to Drop n Run. Where using your Intelligence Dexterity and Move Speed you fight to survive. In Drop n Run you are going to find what seems to be never ending obstacles that are trying to make your adventure a short one. Walk jump and blow your way through obstacles to collect coins and show that your adventure was an EPIC
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Bubble Pop Chain - Bubble Pop flash fun skill game. Pop as many bubbles as possible with one mouse click. Place the red bubble anywhere on the screen and click to pop it and all bubbles that touch it will pop up as well. Pop as many bubbles as needed in each level to advance to the next level.
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Valiant Knight Save The Princess - One valiant knight goes to an abandoned castle on the way will have to solve challenging puzzles fight against enemies and collect the scattered coins.
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The Sun for the Vampire 2: Monster\'s Castle - pSequel to the physics puzzle platformer about vampire who wants to see theSun.p
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Emma: Zombie Defense - Zombies are coming Dont let them reach Emmas barn Based on Kienan Laffertys comic Emma.
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Golden Pumpkin Escape - Find all the clues and objects carefully hidden navigate between different rooms and collect all founded Match all the objects find the correctly combinations and solve all the puzzles with the Good Luck
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Babylon - This is a logic game. You will have to decide how to interact cactus and ball iron and magnet... and much more. Enjoy the game Genre puzzlernControls mouse
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Boxing Live - pThere have never been this kind of boxing game in the webbr Create your boxer earn ratings by training battle the strongest boxers and change your weight class and be a true championppExperiencepp-Real life commentatorpp-Real life training.pp-Fight Night like stamina and health systempp-Enhance rating attribute changes in gameplaypp-6 title belts to unlockpp-Create different kinds of your dream boxerppppppimg srchttpi.imgur.commCwz1CG.png alt width600 height368 img srchttpi.imgur.comcMMWXhj.png alt width600 height370 img srchttpi.imgur.comoXHVhEm.png alt width600 height367 img srchttpi.imgur.comOcwiFiq.png alt width600 height365 img srchttpi.imgur.comIyuUDXG.png alt width600 height366 img srchttpi.imgur.comYlGEH9a.png alt width600 height367 img srchttpi.imgur.comtk6shI0.png alt width600 height366 img srchttpi.imgur.com2qVVQHb.png alt width600 height370 img srchttpi.imgur.comNPWabHE.png alt width600 height367 ppInstructionpparrow keys or wasd to punch.ppctrl to haymaker.ppspace to shieldppppppp
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Penguin Adventure 3 - Penguin Adventure 3 is a very interesting adventure game. Penguin lovers love eating fish. To eat their favorite fish penguins start a holy new adventure. The journey is full of troubles. Please help cute penguinsrnPlayer1 AD to move W to jump S to drop weaponJ to kick Space to switch weaponrnPlayer1 Left and Right Key to move Up key to jump Down key to drop weapon 1 to kick Space to switch weapon.
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