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Terrorist Shootout - Find the terrorist walking with civilians. Aim them using mouse. Press level mouse button to kill them. In each level you must have to kill a required number of terrorist. In each level you must make a require number of score. For each kill you will get a reward of 500 points. Each time a terrorist passes alive your reward point for each kill will be reduced by 50 points. Each time you kill a civilian your reward point will be reduced by 100. If your reward point becomes 0 before you reach to target score you must retry that level.
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SL Jungle Pinball Game - pSL Jungle Pinball Game. 3D Pinball Machine with Realistic SFX. Arrows to Move Flippers. Spacebar New Ball. Up and Down Arrows for Faster Flippers. Arrows for Slower Flippers.p
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Bubble Popper - Bubble Popper fun puzzle game for you. Pop some bubbles and have fun. 3 bubbles of the same color in line to pop them up. If you left to many bubbles on the screen and no more moves matches available you lose the game. 1 levels...
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Dungeon Stone - A wizard has challenged you to complete a series of puzzles. Complete all the puzzles to win a magical prize from the wizard.
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Sea Fishing - Sea fishing is the fishing lures simulator is the best way to relax beautiful landscape relaxing sound will compliment you a great deal of positive impressions and raise your spirits.
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Costume Kid - pPick a costume suit up and fend off an onslaught of costumed kids Upgrade your weapons knock the gear right off of them and make them cry Shooting or melee attacks will do the trick p
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Cleans The Parliament - pSupport for Direct Election more incentive after the charment of parliaments hammer knock that election now is indirect.ppso that Madfal Studio create game br br - Titlenbspnbspnbspnbspnbsp nbsp nbspnbsp Cleans The Parliamentbr - Genrenbspnbspnbsp nbsp nbspnbsp Casualbr - Description User have to take the parlement member who become a Rat Corruptor .red to jail them in KPKs cell better drop with similar color for wealth of the country that stolen by Rat can be taken br Featurebr - We add Link for sign petition DukungPilkadaLangsung from perludem rumahpemilubr - Share via facebook and twitterbr - Trofi meme indonesia every level score Pp
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Makeover Beauty Salon - The autumn is coming and every girl needs skin protection. The same thing happens to princess Mia she takes a day off and she goes to the beauty salon to get a fresh look for the upcoming autumn. First she starts with a face treatment and to make this day memorable she goes for a hair treatment and a complete hair makeover. You are going to love the new look of Mia after playing this game. Try all the hair styles and discover bonus accessories. Enjoybr
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Super Space Drifter - pSo here you are drifting endlessly and aimlessly through space. But wait Space is filled with indestructible rocks and things that shoot at you. So will you be able to survive a drift through the endless perils of space Probably not but hopefully you will last longer than 10 seconds.p
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My sweet fish - Your little fish deserve a cute decoration. Give the fish a colourful environment
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