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Defined Enemy - pDefined enemy is an side scrolling decision making platform game.Set in a strongest enemy using AI.The player try to avoid the enemy to reach his destination.The puzzled obstacle on the way.pp-10 different kind of levelspp-More Funp
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Vintage Connecting - This is a classic items connecting Board Game. In this game you need to clear the board by connecting identical item pairs. Each time you connect 2 items they will be removed from the board. While connecting you must obey a simple rule which says that both items must be connected via a line path which should not have more than 2 turns. You will have three bombs in each level. Simply put a bomb on block and it will remove pair of blocks containing same items.
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Kids Party New Year Eve - It is New Year Eve celebration time.There is a kids party being held at Elsa Friend House. Dressupbr Elsa as petty as possible so can be the princess of the party. Dress her up with different outfit and
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ZomBugs - pTake time to plan your strategy or simply shot shot shotpbr pbr strongINSTRUCTIONSstrongbr Move your mouse to aim and press left mouse button to shotpbr pstrongCONTROLSstrongbr LEFT Mouse button or SPACE to Maintain pressed to charge the great Powerful Shotpbr pbr strongFEATURESstrongpbr ulbr lispan styleline-height 16.8999996185303pxNice game mechanic with fast gameplay.spanlibr lispan styleline-height 16.8999996185303pxSeveral enemies to beat.spanlibr lispan styleline-height 16.8999996185303px15 addictive levels.spanlibr lispan styleline-height 16.8999996185303pxEasy to play but difficult to complete.spanlibr lispan styleline-height 16.8999996185303pxFun zombie bugs theme.spanlibr lispan styleline-height 16.8999996185303pxPowerful Shotspanlibr lispan styleline-height 16.8999996185303pxProgressive challenges.spanlibr ul
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Math Mahjong - Math Mahjong is a combination of Math and popular Chinese game Mahjong. In this game pair would be 2 equal values. i.e. 12 can be paired with 48br You can remove only paired free blocks. The block is free when at least two adjacent sides are free. Bombs can remove blocked
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Flash Mahjong - Flash Mahjong - Match pairs of identical tiles to remove rnthem of the board and reveal the tiles under rnor next to them.The game is over when you have no more rnidentical tiles or you removed all tiles from the stage. rnIf you are stuck click on the shuffle button to shuffle rnthe board. When the game is OVER SUBMIT your score
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World Cup Player Escape - pAssume that a player is trapped in a room. The room is locked. The player want to play the world cup match at the time. So the player wants to escape from the room. So you have to help the player to open the room and play the game. Use your Intelligence to find the hidden objects and solve the puzzles to open the door. Good luck Have fun.p
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Klondike Flash - Classic Klondike solitaire card game.
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Mahjong Dare - Mahjong dare is based on the classic Chinese game. The goal is to remove all blocks from the board. You can remove only paired free blocks. The block is free when at least two neighboring sides of it are free i.e. they have no neighbors on at least two adjacent sides. You can use hints and bombs as power ups.
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Hangman: Gallows - pFind the words. Control by mouse or keyboard. More then 700 words without repeating.p
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