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Sea bursters - pspan styleline-height 16.8999996185303pxThe sea is in danger They are organ thefts and they are stealing shells and fins using them as weapons to conquer the oceansbr spanprnpUse your skills with the mouse and keyboard to burst the evil bubbles in this arcade shooter game.prnpShoot with mouse holding the left Collect shiny bubbles to level up and get skill Get upgrades and Use your special abilities with number buttons 1 to 6.prnpUse WASD or Arrows to Pause with spacebarp
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Deluxe Math Test - Deluxe math test is a challenging and entertaining free math game with real time high scoring system. It includes addition subtraction division and multiplication sums which you need to solve to win. This game will enhance your math skills and derives a lot of fun.
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Planet Journey - pYour space ship has entered alien space. All the aliens out there are eager to catch you if you alter from your path. They are also releasing projectile stones to hit you. Avoid hitting the aliens or their projectiles and last as long as you can.p
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Pilgrim Turkeys Escape - A small pilgrim boy lost his favorite turkey and his water mill is not working properly. The small boy needs your help to solve the puzzles and find the turkey. All the best
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Santa Claus Gift Escape - A small is sleeping surprise him and bring the happiness in his face by offering a gift along with Santa Claus on the Christmas day. Santa Claus is waiting with his gift. Now its your time help Santa to reach the boy by solve the puzzles. Merry Christmas
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Cooking Academy Donut - Everyone loves donuts right Now you can make sweet and soft donuts all by yourself. First find all ingredients from the cupboard. After the dough is thoroughly kneaded roll it out with the rolling pin and use the shape cutter to cut out your donuts. Now place your donuts in the fryer and fry it until it becomes crispy and golden brown. Make it exactly what you want your donuts to be with its frosted deliciousness sprinkles and fruit filling or fruit toppings
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Circus Carnival Escape - You and your pet dog are very close friends. Because he can do whatever you ask and unique in his behavior where no other dog has so it is attracts many people...One day your enemy kidnapped your favorite dog and kept it inside the circus and tries to use it for circus. You cannot live without him. Now you have to rescue your favorite pet from the circus by help the monkey and solve the puzzle
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Rosetta Spaceship Escape - You got an opportunity to visit spaceyou are enjoying the trip. but unfortunately your spaceship was got struck and not working properly.Along with scientist help them to find some interesting that you can able to give the signals and come back to earth.
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Skill Mini Golf Egypt - Play mini golf in the Egyptian pyramids Play the classic game with cool obstacles like moving walls and warp zones. Features 18 holes for one or two players.
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Rootbeer Slider 3D - Slide a Rootbeer Mug through 3d mazes and collect coins and stars Make the best shot by bouncing the mug off walls and landing it on the finish line. Collect all the stars to unlock new levels
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