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Rectangle Road - Rectangle Road is known for its high speed traffic valuable gold coins. The gold is always on the most dangerous lane but well worth the riskrnrn-Move your mouse anywhere on the screen and your car will follow your movement.rnrn-The game is easy to pickup but needs skilled and precise handling in order to reach a high score.rnrn-The higher your level the more coins and rectangles on the road the faster rectangles will drive.rnrn-Collect all the coins to maintain your combo bonusrnrn The name Rectangle Road comes from an earlier version.rnyoull get it ones you see the old trailer httpgoo.gl0zCTwurnrn The Android version has way more intuitive controls much more detailed graphics rn Get the app here httpgoo.glb9n6W3
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Boorish Monster World - This is a tricky shooting game in which you need to destroy all monsters appearing on the screen. For each level you will get fixed amount. The amount will be reduced each time you shoot a missile. When a monster kills you will get some reward money. You must complete a level before your money finishes. Use less missiles to get more score points. You can shoot a missile using the mouse.
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Lake Fishing - Realistic fishing on the Forest Lake. Playing in this game - you can fully relax and enjoy
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Awesome run - World championship started Create your runner buy new sneakers beat world records getting on the first place in a secret list of the best runners Here is the whole world and dozens of amazing races Be careful you will find many dangers - for example Cock-a boxer bull on a skateboard air strike air and more
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Grim - A rather short puzzle platformer game made in under a week. Contains a few parts where precise controls are needed but meh. Several parts are rushed due to deadlines e.g. fonts level design etc. Arrows to move z to jump x to switch partner. I hope you enjoy... and Happy Halloween.
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The Bee Candy Crush - Matching3 flash puzzle game. You have got 2 minutes to crush as many candys as possible.
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Hungry Fish - Eat the small red fish avoid the bigger fish and avoid the sinking pianos
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Onlyball - You play as the bravest ball which is not afraid anything. There will many obstacles and evel monsters on his way. All will try to stop him. In this game a lot of logical problem.You have to move blocks that you be able to go. There are 29 level in this game. At the end of the game you will need to defeat the evilest monster.rnGenre action puzzlernControls mouse and or W A S D
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Sapper - Evil Dr.TNT stole all stars from the sky and mine them.Your task is to demine mechanism and save stars.Be careful dr. TNT is very cunning.Genre puzzlernControls mouse
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Mahjong in the Garden - It is a board game in which you have to remove all the items with 3 rules. 1. You can remove 2 Items at a time 2. Both Items must be identical 3. Either 2 adjacent sides of both items must be open.
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