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Sea Food & Shoot It HD - The ocean is filled with grotesque sea creatures and now you can finally clean it up In this action-shooter youll take out the various sea creatures from basic fish to stingrays and even octopuses. Getting a hit off one of the more elusive and rare creatures will give you additional bullets and time
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Toms Beach Parking HD - Impressing the ladies with his new convertible will be difficult if he cant even park In this challenging action-puzzle youll help Tom park his car -- a pretty simple task if it wasnt for all the crazy drivers absurd obstacles and relentless puzzles getting in his way. You can get a few scratches on your new car but watch your health
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Urban Sniper HD - Urban Sniper is a Sniper Shooting Game. You must complete the aim of each mission you take. You have limited bullets of only 50 for the entire game so be accurate and dont waste any. Hints to youre mission are shown on the on the lower left side. Sometimes shooting other things like car fuel tanks will help to kill more than one person or distract people or shooting a moving cars tyre will make it have an accident.
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Air Traffic Chief 3D - Air traffic Chief 3D is an airport management game where you control the incoming planes. You draw a flight path for each plane so it know which runway to land on. Be careful not to let each plane get too close or theyll crash and its game over. Watch out for those helecopters which also need to land at the airport. The larger the plane the faster it flys.
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Conquer Antarctica HD - Conquer Antarctica HD is an awesome battle game where you try to beat the other group of penguins using your cannon Play against computer opponent or play head to head with your friend in two player mode There is lots of levels with different islands with different difficulty ratings. There is 3 weapons to use but use them wisely.
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Go Karts HD - Get racing in Go Kart HD. Take on 3 other racers across 4 tracks as you race for the Go Karts HD championship. Each level will get harder so keep your wits about you when taking corners and straights. Watch out for the other racers as they seem to think this is a contact sport. Do you have what it takes Drivers to your vehicles
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Kick Out Kim HD - Are you sick of Kim Time to kick him out of Pyongyang Launch him into the air and send his rockets towards him to help defeat the dictator call in help from the Western Super Powers as well as deadly assassins. Earn coins to buy upgrades to help defeat him... SAVE THE WORLD AND FREE NORTH KOREA... Kick Out Kim
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Bouncing Smiley Flash - Bounscing Smiley Flash Game - Draw a line with your mouse and bring Smilay back Home with as few bounces as possible.
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Fruit Flopp Flash Edition - Fruit Flopp Flash Edition - Fun matching 3 flash puzzle game. Make a group of minimum 3 fruits of the same fruits to remove them of the stage. Have fun and submit score when done.
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Valentine Garden Escape - Find all the valentine items and use them to solve your missing heart. Good Luck and have Fun Happy Valentine
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