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Found 164 Flash Rhythm Games Online-
15 Numbers -

Click the numbers 1 through 15 as fast as you can! Be careful, you might just end up learning a bit of a new language along the way...

Math Racers Addition Edition - Get in your car and race! See who can add the fastest in this math racing game. Play at www.mathracers.com to post your score world wide.
Bubbles Bubbled - Hold left button and move over the same colored bubbles. After release left button will be bubbles released. You must join minimum 2 bubbles. The goal is to release all bubbles in the time limit! Time limit is increased based on connection count.. MORE CONNECTIONS = BETTER BONUS and ADD TIME !
HitTheWall3 Global Statistic - HitTheWall returns with new mechanics, new global statistics and medals! Borrow first place! Game control keys from 1 to 6.
The Worm 2 - Succesful classic game goes on! Arrow keys for control.
Insane Snake: The Nature - You can not collide with border or itself.
The Falling Easter Eggs - Hold left button and move over the same colored eggs. After release left button will be eggs destroyed. You must join minimum 2 eggs.
Turtle Run - Wow! Now turtles can run very fast!
Jump over the cactuses and help the turtle to eat as many apples as it can!
Piano 2 - Play around and have fun learning. Numbers from 1 to 10 and more fun stuff to play for free.
Flash Piano - Play piano and have fun. Mouse to play or keyboard;rn1,2,3,4,5,6 and p,o,i,u for effects.rn

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