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After my recent brush with voicelessness, I thought I`d share with you a few thoughts about speech. Don`t take it lightly my friends. If music is the pathway to the heart as Voltaire suggested, then speech is the pathway to other people. Live in silence and you live alone. - Henry Bromel ... View Quote
History is powerful stuff. One day your world is fine. The next day it`s knocked for a metaphysical loop. Was Napoleon really at Waterloo Would that change what I had for breakfast - Henry Bromel ... View Quote
Sometimes when you look back on a situation, you realize it wasn`t all you thought it was. A beautiful girl walked into your life. You fell in love. Or did you Maybe it was only a childish infatuation, or maybe just a brief moment of vanity. - Henry Bromel ... View Quote
There`s an old saying that if you come back to the place where you became a man, you will remember all those things you need to be happy... That saying never made sense to me, but I thought it was worth a try. - Henry Bromel ... View Quote
We all carry around so much pain in our hearts. Love and pain and beauty. They all seem to go together like one little tidy confusing package. It`s a messy business, life. It`s hard to figure--full of surprises. Some good. Some bad. - Henry Bromel ... View Quote
The way to final freedom is within thy self. - The Book of the Golden Precepts ... View Quote
The world loves to be deceived. - Sebastian Brant ... View Quote
The world wants to be deceived. - Sebastian Brant ... View Quote
Americans are benevolently ignorant about Canada, while Canadians are malevolently well informed about the United States. - J. Bartlett Brebner ... View Quote
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