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Found 177 Flash Fighting Games Online-
Turtle Jump - turtles are making trouble in the field. Jump over them to smash them. Avoid jumping on red turtles.
Tick Plane - The Tick plane have served its country, its time to defend its country against alien spaceships again.
Voyo - Save the voyo guy from the enemies. Use the power ups and other collectable items.
Army of the Dead Tower Defense - Launch arrows at an endless swarm of zombies to protect your castle.
The Busy Cook - Help the busy cook transport the dishes from kitchen to restaurant.
Ultimate Warrior RPG - Level up and fight enemies in this action RPG. Increase your attributes to become stronger! Want to take a break? No worries! you can save and load your game!
Undead Unrest - When zombies strike, you sure don't want to be one of those being struck! A plague has been unleashed upon the world which turns the bearer into the living dead. It is transmitted by even the gentlest of touches, and you are one of the few who are still uninfected. Make sure it stays that way!
Speed Freak - Somewhere in an alternate, 2D, cartoony universe, a whole race of creatures known as ‘Sprunners’ exist for one purpose. To provide entertainment to their overlords. These strange overlords decided to place the cute beasts in obstacle courses that contained floating coins, spikes, and pine blocks. If an overlord was pleased with his little peon, sometimes it was a gift of scones that were the Sprunner’s only payment.
Sushi Fighter - Eat as much sushies as you can! Destroy all of the cute enemies, collect weapons, powerups! Good luck!
Death Escape - Pleasant goat fell into a cliff,The only way to escape is jump up. But there's many monsters in cliff, can she escape? Arrow key control Pleasant goat move.

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