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Found 164 Flash Rhythm Games Online-
Maestro di Colore - Watch and repeat the color combination played by the computer. If you’re doing fine, the next one becomes a bit longer. How many steps can you remember?
Fruit Pizza Deco - I bet you have never had pizza for dessert. Check out this awesome food decoration game and try to make the perfect fruit pizza. Place them all together on the dough them place it in the oven to make it crisp and sweet. After it is done you must ornate it with some cream and it is ready to serve. Let everyone know that a fruit pizza is the best one, for dessert or as an appetizer.
Rockstar Dreamer - Customize your controls (Basic or Rockstar), select a mode (Easy, Normal, or Hard) and rock out with all your favorite tunes. Practice with the easier songs and work your way up to the most difficult. You\'ll be a real shred lord before you know it!
Barbie Hansel - Play with your favorite barbie doll: Barbie Hansel!
Jelly Jolly - Jellies have little problem in kitchen help them. Move mouse to move jellies. And click mouse to make jelly jump.
Lunar Rover - Get the flying dog to the other side of space! Avoid the obstacles and space junk on the way.
DanceStar Party Time - Think you\'re hot on the dance floor? Then get your groove on in \'DanceStar Party\' time. Play through pumping tracks from the 80\'s, 90\'s and 00\'s. Check out the crazy outfits and dance!
You can also dance with your mates. Include their faces in Party Time mode and get them dancing the night away.
Prove you are the greatest dancer and pick up all the awards throughout the game.
Reflex - Test your skills in a quick game of Reflex! Time your presses well and light up all the letters to get a good score and see your worldwide ranking.

Go through all 12 levels and see how you rank. If you don\'t like where you are, go back for another quick game and improve your skills! Remember, practice makes perfect.

Play two different game modes: Timed and Percent, both challenging you in different ways.

Can you get the perfect score?
Busy Squirrels - Winter is coming. It is time to grab as much as possible nuts. The orange squirrel send nuts to the other squirrels, but, he has to take care of the colour of the nuts and the squirrels. The pink nut can only go to a pink squirrel. Be careful, if you miss the squirrel when you send your net or send to the wrong colour squirrel, you lose a life. Bugs are sucking your energy, be careful. This a one or two players game. With one player, you have 15 levels.
RunJum - Help Runner and Jumper get as far as they can in 90 seconds. Make Runner dodge the obstacles using SPACE and Jumper jump the walls using CONTROL. Use items with ENTER. Avoid getting hit to get more speed. Beware of the mud and mirror, they will only make your life harder.

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